Capital Smart City

The capital smart city is known as one of the most renowned and one of Pakistan’s most acknowledged residential housing projects. It is the first state of the art project in Pakistan and is ranked as 4th one in Asia. Its location is near to the airport of Islamabad on the M-2 motorway. This project is now becoming the leading and trusted housing societies across Pakistan because of its salient features. 

Capital Smart City Islamabad-Developers  

The smart city Islamabad is a collaboration project between the Habib Rafiq (Pvt) and future holding developments. Both are known as one of the most leading real estate owners in Pakistan. They have successfully executed several housing projects across Pakistan, including the Bahira and DHA in Islamabad.  

Capital smart city Islamabad-Master plan 

The master plan of this society has been given to Singapore’s recognized consultancy organization, which is named Surbana Jurong. They are known as well-reputed consultancy organization having headquarter based in Singapore. They are also known as one of the largest consultancy organizations for not just engineering plans and infrastructure but also the urban town planning as well. It comprises more than 16,000 employees working in almost 120 offices around the world, having a specialist team of designers and planners.  

A cohesive and robust methodology of planning will be implemented in this master plan of the capital smart city. This plan will include all the necessary accommodations, including the commercial and residential aspects. This plan’s primary focus is on enhancing the essential and natural features that can ultimately complement the infrastructure and strategically placed stations. Thus, the idea behind this Concept revolves around the innovation of a new destination that will provide the best possible opportunity for people to live, work and play along with several other features. 

  • Location and the total area of capital smart city Islamabad  

The capital smart city’s central location is Rawalpindi and the Islamabad’s region closer to Islamabad International Airport. The M-2 motorway is the central location where the overall idea of this project revolves around. This project’s total area is about 55,000 Kanal, which is considered as ten times bigger in size compared to its neighboring societies such as University town. It will be too close to the airport, and the overall idea behind this master plan is to provide the best possible routes to the airport. The request for the extension of land has also been approved, which means that this project’s total area will be 80,000 Kanal.  

Critical features of capital smart city Islamabad 

This society has several attractive features, including a modern and unique living experience, which is people’s prior priority these days. It will also offer advanced technology features. Some of the salient features of this project are listed below: 

  • This society will offer an eco-friendly environment along with an advanced security system. 
  • It has the Metro bus system plan, which will be easily accessible to everyone living in this society. 
  • The main motive which derives the attention of people toward this project is its green and clean environment. 
  • The electricity system is entirely underground along with a 24/7 facility of both water and gas. 
  • It will also offer some of the most desired smart apps, such as traffic and weather systems, electricity, and the Internet as well. 
  • The facility of hotels, entertainment centers, including sports clubs and parks, will also be available 24/7. 
  • It is one of the most trusted housing plans, which is complemented by world-class infrastructure. 
  • This project also offers overseas blocks and several other recreational activities, including the golf course and resorts. 
  • The best thing about this project is its location, which is closer to the motorway and airport. 
  1. Blocks of Capital Smart city  
  2. Overseas Block

This society’s overseas block is located near the upper area to the right side of the main block next to the motorway. The location of this block is specially selected in such a way so that it will provide direct access from the interchange of the M-2 motorway. It is known as the first society which has specially designed this overseas block. With this exclusive reserve location for the overseas block, this society offers a precious and trusted investment opportunity for all overseas Pakistanis who are looking to invest in Pakistan’s housing societies.  

  1. General block 

The central block is right after the overseas block in this society, which is also closer to the motorway interchange and is located at the right side of central Boulevard of this society.  

  1. Other blocks 

This society also has several other blocks that are fully equipped with all the salient features on offer. The master plan can give you a basic idea behind the division of blocks and plots.  

  1. Smart Villas

The Concept of smart villas has also been introduced in Pakistan for the very first time, thanks to the smart city project. This project’s developments will be featured as the most trusted and renowned leading property development organization named Trivelles International. It’s going to be a revolutionary step in enhancing the overall living experience in Pakistan. 

Capital smart city Islamabad payment plans 

The capital smart city payment plans differ from plot to plot, especially in terms of their location. The plots closer to the residential and commercial blocks are mostly sold out, but their payment plans mainly revolve around the yearly installments. The most common payment plan for both one and two Kanal plots are straightforward, generally on offer in three years, especially in the quarterly installments. The capital smart city Islamabad payment plans also include some of the extra charges to those plots with a location such as main road and those plots having the front side facing parks.  

The commercial capital smart city payment plans also vary from plots ranging from 4 Marla to 8 Marla. The yearly payment plan revolves around three-year installments. The farmhouse payment plans are a bit expensive, mainly because of their location. However, the blocks having 3.5 Marla plots have very reasonable and affordable payment plans. The capital smart city Islamabad payment plans provide you the opportunity to invest in a trusted housing society. It is also expected that the capital smart city’s payment plan will be costly in the coming years. 

  • Final verdict 

The capital smart city Islamabad offers several attractive features, and the reputation of its developers makes it a top priority among the list of successful housing projects. This housing project’s development and infrastructure are exquisite, which is the reason for investors’ confidence in this project. Most of the plots in this project have already been sold out, mainly because of their unique features. This housing project provides you with the best possible opportunity for future investment, having a complete package for all those looking for a successful housing scheme. 

  • • Overseas Prime Block 

The overseas prime block has been recently introduced by capital smart city Islamabad. All sizes of several residential plots are available for sale which are incredibly appealing, mainly because of their rates and location. If you are an overseas Pakistani and looking for a residential plot, then the most secure and futuristic investment is this overseas prime block of smart city project. It is the right time to invest in the overseas prime block because it is expected that Islamabad’s real estate will face exponential economic growth, and this block will bring long-lasting benefits to the buyers. The plots in this block are available in all sizes ranging from 2 Kanal to 1 Marla. Now, it is effortless to book a property in this scheme because it will offer you 10% down payment along with extremely economical and reasonable instalments in yearly revenue. 


This block starts from Chakri road because the main gate of this block is specially designed to connect to the overseas prime block’s opening. The smart and elegant Broadway is also known as one of the most attractive features of this block because of its wide range, including green spaces and beautiful service roads. The stream location of this block brings all positive aspects to this world-class overseas prime block. The other reasons to invest in this block is its front-facing which is directed towards waterfront and mountain ranges along with golf course of 18 holes.  

This block is specially planned to offer the best possible luxury and comfortable living experience to attract investors. The security is top prioritized, and the launch of this block in the capital smart city brings standard facilities and investment experience. The art of planning and top-class management has made this place an incredible choice for all those interested in investment and looking for great value of money. The development has already been started in this block, and you can easily avail the pre-launch rates, which are extremely economical and affordable, having great value for future investment. 

  • Overseas prime block features 

The overseas prime block is specially planned to have the highest possible security, leisure and the unprecedented quality of investment for all the overseas buyers. There are several features which are exclusively on offer in this block. The mountain ranges’ views because of its highest location are among the prime features of this block.  

Some of the critical features of this overseas prime block are listed below: 

  • If you are looking for a society with golf course then this overseas prime block of smart city Islamabad has one of the most acknowledged PGA standard golf courses. 
  • The viewpoints of mountain ranges enhance the scenic views of this block. 
  • The block’s front face also has the viewpoint of dancing fountains along with the attractive skyline of this society. 
  • The Ferris wheel is included in the list of beautiful features of this block. It resembles pure art and architecture. 
  • If you are looking for a race track in an overseas block of this society, you have all the reasons to invest in this scheme because it is equipped with a fast F-2 racing track.  
  • The overseas prime block has all the facilities where you can feel close to nature. The artificial lake in this block is also constructed to make you feel close to the beach. 
  • You can take your children near the water sports area of this block for fun and play. 
  • The landmark design of the buildings and shopping complex in this block are also considered as the elegant features of this block.  
  • All lakes and rivers are allocated in this block to uplift the overall living experience along with the facility of Chauhan Dam.   


  • Overseas Prime Block Payment Plan  

The payment plans of Islamabad overseas prime block are incredibly economical and affordable. The 50 percent down payment on the plots of this scheme will save you almost 5 percent of the overall cost. You can also get benefit from 10 percent overall payment if you buy properties on the full amount in one go. The residential plots are available in not just 7 and 10 Marla, but the 1 and 2 Kanal plots are also on sale along with the facility of payment breakdowns. The 7 Marla plots will cost about two lakhs for the instalment plan of 7years, which is very affordable.

Similarly, 2.5 lakhs for 10 and 12 Marla. 3 to 7 lakh instalment plans are also on offer for 1 and 2 Kanal plots. The instalment plans are specially designed so that everyone can avail the plots within a specific frame of time.  


  • Harmony Park Block  

This project of capital smart city Islamabad has recently announced having the facility of villas and economic plots. Here in this block, you can easily book your dream plots to add luxury and comfort to your lives. People have this facility and it will be once in a lifetime chance. The low-cost apartments and blocks complement and elevate the standard of living along with the long-term profit gain on their properties.  


This block is located close to the executive block of this society. Harmony Park Block is one of the most acknowledged additions in this project. It will feature several investment opportunities to all the potential buyers looking for long term investment and future value. This block is the right choice for most small families looking for small-sized apartments and plots. People who are looking to enjoy the standardized living but cannot afford the high-priced plots, then this block will provide opportunities and possible living solution for all those families. You can quite easily access this block from the road of Chakri as this block is located in the region of CSCI.  


  • Harmony Park Block Payment Plan  

The 3.5 Marla plots and Villa Apartments are available for sale. You can save almost 2.5 percent of the total investment on 50 percent down payment, and the payment plans also offer you this leverage to save more than 2.5 percent on the 100 percent down payment on the plots of this block. The payment plans are designed in such a way so that if you are more into the prime location plots, then you will have to pay extra charges such as for corner plots the total cost will be 7.5 percent more than the average price of the plot. Similarly, 5 percent will be added in the plots’ overall cost having parks on the front side. The pricing schedule of this block is designed for four years of payment methods. 


The 3.5 Marla plots in these blocks are limited because of their offer, but they are fully equipped with the facilities. You can be a part of this block because there are several easy instalment options available for you. This is the right time to invest in this block for long term futuristic benefits. The instalment plans start from three year and last for almost five years. The booking of plots in Harmony Park Block is open, but limited properties are left because of people’s high demand for plots. It is a perfect chance for you to secure your investment.  

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