Simultaneously, FDH and HRL created LSC, a Lahore Detour residential complex that has obtained LDA authorization. This LSC had given the real-estate estate industry a new breath on existence with its cutting-edge facilities and amenities. Due to its high architectural standard, lavish lifestyle, advanced construction, more fabulous building, clever technologies available, and functional designs, it has become the most palatable buyer in Lahore and its surrounding area.

This residential Society has been built following international standards for innovative city design of structures and is known to be developing Pakistan’s second smart city. The foundation of this housing endeavour is the idea of digitalized durability, the atmosphere, and appropriate urban development.

The administration has acquired over twenty thousand Kanals for Lahore Smart City Location. One of the busiest cities worldwide, Lahore serves as the regional capital of Punjab. In the neighbourhood’s urban regions, urbanized demand has been increasing recently. As a result, the diffusion of urban pressure from the city core to the suburbs will presumably be advantageous for this residential complex. In addition, the administration of the residential development introduced the Lahore Smart City instalment plan to facilitate the customers.

Owner And Developers

This Residential Society is the creation of world-established real estate construction companies, including Future Development Holdings Private Limited, Habib Rafique Private limited, the Pakistani construction companies and Singaporean real estate construction company Surbana Jurong we. These contractors have also already made significant progress in the building industry. They completed numerous outstanding projects all around Pakistan.

They have a solid reputation in the property industry for putting up extraordinary work and attention to constructing first-rate structures in residential houses like beautifully designed DHA and magnificent Bahria Town. Additionally, among the few housing developments, they have started housing developments, including Sahiwal city Royal Orchard, Royal Orchard in the city Sargodha, and its third residential complex of Royal Orchard in Multan.

Future Development Holding Limited

FDHL, among the leading real estate companies, is noted for its superior planning and scheduling when matched to other well-known developers. Moreover, FDHL seeks to modernize and integrate smart living within residents’ activities. Therefore, FDHL offers everyone top-notch service experience and extensive counselling while keeping a creative and extravagant way of life in mind while visiting. FDHL is a corporate that received its first registration as per corporate law. This firm has come into being by several small partnership businesses all over the Country and the globe..

Habib Rafiq Pvt. Limited

One of the Country’s most prominent property developers is known as HRL. The company has collected abundant honours for its impressive building and planning work throughout the last five decades. Nevertheless, their success is attributable to their steadfast commitment to and excitement for consumer demands.

Surbana Jurong (SJ)

SJ feels privileged to serve as the remarkable Society’s principal constructor and builder. Additionally, this business is one of the most well-known experts in the property industry in Asia for infrastructure projects. SJ is a 2015-founded corporation that has received official recognition in Singapore.

Future Development Holdings Private Limited

FDHL is one of the top real estate companies. They also participate in the CSCI members. This real estate company had rewarded for developing cutting-edge residential developments that follow best practices.

Master Plan

This Society master plan was created, designed, and built by a highly qualified group of professionals. The team maintained a good standard of living by working around the clock, seven days per week. As a result, there are numerous neighbourhoods and blocks in the district. In addition, the administration opted to construct two residential areas featuring all of the conveniences available today. Then, development work started on both of the formerly launched Blocks.

SJ, a Singapore-based consulting company, developed the Smart City Lahore grand plan, and Norman Foster seems to be the development’s architect. When constructing this substantial venture, Surbana Jurong members share the European growth and development. Additionally, it provides a variety of accommodation facilities.

This Society encompasses over twenty Kanal of territory. At first, the management established two blocks primarily used for domestic properties. In addition, the Lahore Smart City plot for sale, including both residential and industrial properties. The most famous property includes the Lahore Smart City payment plan 5 marla is more suited for the customers. Also, the Lahore Smart City Instalments plan helps future residents to buy their dream houses.

  • Oversea Block
  • Executive Block

Lahore Smart City Executive Block

For a citizen of the Country who wants to live the far more fulfilling lives possible exists the Lahore Smart City Executive Block. All of the modern conveniences and amenities will be available in this area. There are now some housing units available in the Lahore Smart City plot for sale, including five, seven, ten, marlas and one Kanal homes. Lahore Smart City payment plan 5 marla is ideal for the residents or the investors. Lahore Smart City Instalments plan gives the residents the luxury to buy a property at their own pace.

Lahore Smart City Overseas Block

The citizen of Pakistan who desires to reside in security in contemporary Society can do so in the abroad block. This building was created and planned to meet the requirements of ex-pats who wanted to experience the same level of entertainment in the city. Therefore, Pakistanis living abroad should visit the Society’s Overseas Block. Additionally, it is the most advantageous and secure kind of international investment. Therefore, this building has specifically accommodated the needs of residents abroad.

The overseas block offers a variety of dwelling plots. For example, the Lahore Smart City plot for sale dimensions includes the five, seven, ten, twelve, marlas and one Kanal. In addition, the Lahore Smart City Instalments plan is here to facilitate overseas Pakistanis.

Lahore Smart City Districts

This Society’s Executive and Overseas districts have distinguished districts within them, which are characteristics below. Furthermore, these blocks had many amenities, including housing mansions, residential properties, healthcare services, lodging, religious freedom, and schools and universities.

Lahore Smart City Sports District

Smart city Lahore’s citizens can participate in various beneficial and enjoyable exercises in the recreational area. This neighbourhood includes a racetrack, a gorgeous, sizable cricket stadium and beautiful football ground, and eating and drinking options. Housing options are also present in this area.

Education District

This district is home to numerous institutions, like colleges and universities, for increased knowledge. It also includes medical colleges and universities. Furthermore, this area provides nursery facilities to support working parents and child’s prior learning. The main attractions of the education district include academic institutions, research institutes, and training camps for educational purposes and professional growth. There are also short courses and qualifications available. Modern curricula and cutting-edge methods of quality education will be employed.

Theme Park

This neighbourhood is home to lovely amusement parks, including a stunning Bird Park with only an assortment of birds, a vacation destination for the ideal picnic, cuisine & drinks for people, and a fast food truck area. A designated site devoted to entertainment and relaxation is a tourist attraction. However, this district did reduce anxiety and offer amusement options. Having a wide range of open spaces makes it a popular vacation spot.

Silicon Valley

For the convenience of the people, Silicon Valley inside the Smart city of Lahore contains many factories, technological administration headquarters, IT organizations, commercial establishments, and close-by housing flats. Technology Valley Concerning information innovation and other cutting-edge disciplines, Pakistan will serve as a land of technical advancement. Here, studies and research were promoted and disseminated information and competence. As a result, it will become a developing area for cutting-edge technologies and commerce.

City Mosques

The huge Jamia Masjid in the Smart city serves as a resource for its citizens, and each area also has its own Masajid. The administration chooses to expand individuals’ religious ambitions outside of their homes. The builder also included excellent facilities when constructing the Grand Mosques, providing avenue occupants to satisfy their religious requirements.

Healthcare Districts

The medical facilities in Lahore Smart City are of the highest calibre. The community has top-notch medical facilities, health centres, and labs. The hub for medical facility provision is the Hospital District. This location offers chances for people and businesses to improve medical care and maintain a safe neighbourhood. The sign of modern technology is why laboratories, clinics, and pharmacies exist.

Lahore Smart City NOC Status

The Society is a legitimate residential project that has obtained authorization from the LDA. Housing buildings can legally supply all conveniences to their resident’s thanks to the Lahore Smart City NOC, a formal agreement. A relevant administrative organization and developmental regulating body granted the Lahore Smart City NOC. Due to Society’s amended NOC, the project will have access to all necessary amenities like water, gas, & electricity.

Lahore Smart City Location & Map

The location is essential when buying property. Before investing in real estate, an investor must understand the property’s placement pros and cons. The site and Map of the Society linked the plan to the neighbourhood’s centre via essential roadways. It would be accessible from the M2 Motorway and the N5 Grand Trunk Road. The placement of Punjab is one of the most advantageous in terms of accessibility from the core Lahore urban centres. Real estate professionals have been ecstatic about the launch of the Smart City in Lahore. Some developers claim that this development has the potential to be just as successful as Bahria Town. The two essential highway connectors that linked Lahore to the rest of Punjab has well connected on the neighbourhood location and Map. Because of this, the Society stands out as a top destination for investors looking for quick, profitable profits from their investments.

Payment Plans

The Lahore Smart City payment plans have affordable prices and reasonable monthly timelines. Plots for sale in the Lahore Smart City are reasonably priced and are accessible for purchase. Competitive pricing was a priority for the Smart city Lahore payment plan management. The payment schedule again for an executive block in the Society is also very fair, offering the clients incentive to make contributions to Society. Lahore Smart City’s five-marla payment plan is reasonable since its administration wants people from all socioeconomic groups to be able to invest in it. Lahore Smart city installation options are also available for the user’s convenience. For the ease of the users, the Lahore Smart City payment plan 2022 is repeatedly updated on the web page.

Lahore Smart City Instalment Plan

Plots for sale in the Lahore Smart city are also available in simple monthly instalments. The Lahore Smart City instalment plan will require a 10% deposit, followed by a registration fee and quarter instalments, just like the sister residential development Capital Smart City in Islamabad. Reservations made before launch are eligible for financing and instalment plans for the neighbourhood. The cost of plots in Society will change soon. Furthermore, the project expenditures had combined in the Lahore Smart City payment plan 2022. These options are available on three-and-a-half-year Society instalment payments. The total estimated instalments to purchase industrial plots on Leasing are in 14 stages, which is reasonable. Undoubtedly, the industrial property instalment plan for Society is a significant accomplishment.

Why invest in Lahore Smart City

A fantastic combination of residential and business properties is available at Lahore Smart City. FDHL has planned a brand-new home development in Lahore that is still reasonably priced. On the contrary hand, Lahore Smart City Location and Map combine cutting-edge luxuries with societal provisions. For the residents of Lahore, those amenities are a wish come true; tranquillity, prosperity, and eco-friendly practices all go along with them. Additionally, they collaborate with the world’s top designers, builders, and engineers. The developers of the residential venture know the residents’ needs, which is why they design beautiful and spacious golf courses and Sports clubs in the Lahore Smart City Location with renowned pros. In addition, the neighbourhood is taking safety and productivity to greater heights with eighteen-lane thoroughfares. Whatever hour of the day you go, it simply doesn’t matter because the entire area is attractively landscaped with greenery and most well. It is Pakistan’s geographic centre and home to several features, like as luxurious residing and elevated activities. Surbana Jurong Private Limited introduced the Smart City Lahore payment plan, allowing the residents to enhance the standard of living in Lahore by offering an abundant and substantial Society.

Facilities and Amenities of Smart City

Reasonable comforts and facilities are available in Smart City Lahore. The amenities are a fully integrated multifunction development and form a component of any elevated project of this size. The Smart City Lahore offers numerous amenities, including

Constant Provision Of Essentials

The housing development considers the locals’ needs in terms of essential commodities like power, gasoline, and drinking water. As a result, reservoirs will be constructed for this usage, preserving a sizable amount of water, gas, and energy that locals will use for daily tasks. Furthermore, individuals and businesses are very concerned about power outages or blackouts. As a result, Smart City Lahore has large generators that run continuously.

Lawful Society

Smart Society One of Lahore’s most satisfactory and legal housing development, NOC, was granted LDA authorization. Therefore, people may secure their tomorrow by investing in Smart city Lahore assets.

Secured Neighbourhood

A safety system is operational around the clock per week and includes Surveillance cameras and other monitoring equipment that protects people. A boundary also encloses the community with a secured network to offer high protection.

Salient features

  • Superstores
  • Convenience
  • 24/7 Safeguarding
  • Friendly-neighborhood
  • Magnificent Entrance
  • Excellent construction
  • Sewerage and garbage disposal system
  • World-Class architectural development

Instructions For Manual Booking Of Plots

The following criteria are significant to manually reserve a property in Lahore Smart City.

  • Fill up the submission form.
  • Pay processing fees along with the deposit.
  • Include a passport-size photo.
  • add a printed version of CNIC
  • Include a photocopy of the NICOP
  • Include a duplicate of the invoice

Secured Neighbourhood

Capital Smart City Islamabad raises the prominence of urban amenities through more than merely a solar energy complex and a power grid infrastructure. Additionally, it gives plants for drainage systems and consumable water-related scenarios. There is also a water system to protect the environment and a more substantial administrative setup for organizing rubbish appropriately. This project contains many of the best aspects in terms of protection.

Requirement for Smart E- booking of plots

The Society’s administration is giving customers facilities by offering the online form on the Society’s official website. In addition, the official website contains terrific features, including vouchers and discount offers.

  • Complete the online application.
  • Use the Debit, Credit card or Visa Card to pay a deposit.
  • Use interbank to pay for a transaction (ABL, UBL)


The main objective of the luxury commercial building Smart City Lahore is to provide residents with a first-rate, opulent lifestyle. Offering pleasant facilities, being economical, and having a Lahore Smart City location and Map are critical features of this residential development. The city’s appearance will also alter after these magnificent housing societies had built. 5 marla properties and the Lahore Smart City payment plan 5 marla is the key attraction for the customers. The Lahore Smart City instalment plan is convenient for the buyers and stakeholders.

Additionally, the consumer may ensure that their project will be profitable quickly by making it in the neighbourhood, thanks to its strategic position and up-to-date infrastructure. As Lahore Smart city NOC did approve by the local authority is a big deal for the residential Society. The frequency of plots in Society varies over time. On the official websites, you can find the Lahore Smart City payment plan 2022.


Q 1: How this housing development is distinct from other housing societies?

A1: Society entirely supported by AI technology has referred to as Smart. Additionally, this Society has built on the Network of things. Things have handled every aspect of this endeavour. Moreover, this is the builder’s primary time a novel project in Punjab. In Lahore, there isn’t a project like that. The same builders also unveiled Capital Smart City, a development in Islamabad. Thus, LSC is the latest project to be initiated in Pakistan after the success of the Capital Smart City.

Q 2: is this Society legally approved?

A 2: It is a residential Society that is entirely legal. The Lahore Development Authority has accepted its No Objection Certificate.

Q 3: Hows is the development work going in Society?

A 3: The Smart City’s administrators have begun their operation on Society development. Many structures are undergoing roof construction. The constructor has also built a B1 roadway with flooring.

Q 4: When will the customer start getting their property possession?

A 4: Every day, many people reserve their properties in Society. When obtaining the necessary quantity and after individuals have finished completing their documentation, it has hoped that voting will begin to award possessions.

Q 5: Is this housing development a good investment?

A 5: Real estate is undoubtedly a viable method of durable investment. The value of any area of land justifies the progression of time. In addition, the Lahore Smart City payment plan 2022 shows good potential economic growth for the stakeholders. The concept behind This Smart City initiative has centred on technology. It will be intelligent and have distinctive qualities, as its name suggests. As a result, given that the world has headed toward AI technology, it is unquestionably a long-term business. This viewpoint will undoubtedly be advantageous in the long term.