The mall of Islamabad is an authentic blended utilized task. Introduced by Bahria Town, it is highlighting Shopping complex, Food Courts, Corporate workplaces and extravagance private apartments. Mall of Islamabad is soon to turn into a notorious venture in series of forthcoming task in the core of CDA. Beforehand, Mall of Lahore has been presented by Bahria Town, Lahore. This time Mall of Islamabad expects to proceed with the tradition of Mall of Lahore at the excellent site of Margalla slopes.

Shopping center of Islamabad would be a finished bundle. Because of its engineer’s reputation it is drawing in more purchasers and financial backers by each spending day. Additionally, its prime location of Mall of Islamabad plays a key job. Additionally, designers have intended to incorporate the green valley hypermarket, food court and youngsters play region alongside different conveniences. It would be an extraordinary objective for top of the line purchasers and inhabitants.


Generally speaking, Mall of Islamabad included retail shops, proficient business workplaces and grand apartments. Mall of Islamabad Floor Plan shows it as a 23 story tall structure. Devoted 4 storm cellar floors saved for vehicle leaving.

  • 4 stories highlights shopping center that incorporates public and global marked outlets.
  • Besides, 2 stories are saved for food court and sound cooking.
  • 2 Floors are devoted as the workplace on Bahria Town and the administration of MOI.
  • In addition, 7 stories will include corporate workplaces highlighting 130 units.
  • Staying 7 stories will have 40 contemporary extravagance condos. Offered lofts include:
  • 1-room condos (x1)2-room lofts (x4)3-room lofts (x3)
  • The structure incorporates an exercise center and spa on the 28th floor.
  • Lower ground floor has hypermarket the arrangement has been settled with green valley.

The mall of Islamabad is situated at Jinnah Road, Blue Region Islamabad. It is known to be a financial center point of Islamabad. Besides, it additionally the approaches fundamental Nazim-ud-Racket Street too. The Islamabad Stock Trade and Saudi Pak Pinnacle are at strolling distances.

  • Particular Elevators for different floors
  • Separate entrances for shopping complex, offices & apartments
  • Car parking area with dedicated car parking for residential purposes
  • Sky pool
  • Lavish restaurants
  • 24/7 security
  • Continuous supply of electricity
  • Scenic view
  • Health Club
  • Spa, Sauna & Gym

Bahria Town is Asia’s biggest land designer. It has fostered a few private and business projects in numerous urban areas of Pakistan till now. Bahria Town is a famous task by this firm. It has changed the predetermination of land advancement in Pakistan. Moreover, sister-shopping center, shopping center of Lahore, another super task has been recently evolved by Bahria Town.

Bahria Town has been forming scenes and lives in Pakistan since the organizations beginning in 1996. Not simply fabricating homes, Bahria Town has created esteem added, ace arranged networks lodging a large number of families appreciating a total living encounter. When complete, activities, for example, the JV D&B Valley, Golf City, Nursery City, Bahria Symbol and a lot more are being worked on.

It intends to oblige in excess of 1,000,000 occupants and will cover more than 1 billion sq ft. Bahria Town has more than 25,000 representatives which are conveying USD 5 billion of notorious turns of events, driving initiative, spearheading development and making an inheritance for a long time into the future. It is the central player of the Pakistan’s land and development area. Bahria Town is additionally a stage above and is utilized in Pakistani Housing market as a norm over the rest.


NOC has been allowed by CDA for the plot of Shopping center of Islamabad.

Nonetheless there is talk that the name may be changed to Stop Path Pinnacles because of Shopping center of Islamabad being now reserved to another designer of a Shopping center situated in F-11.


The grey construction till the eighth floor has effectively been finished the normal conveyance season of this undertaking is hypothesized as January of 2022.

Commercial hub

The presence of a company at the entrance suggests that the property will likely receive more significant visitor numbers due to its proximity to surrounding neighbourhoods, such as Bahria Enclave and the Park Enclave, in this example. These industrial districts attract property investors who want to invest in landmark developments and shopping centres.

Provision of Basics

Gated neighbourhood, 24/7 Power generation, supply of Gas and Water supply and storage, Gym & Civic Center, Healthcare facilities, School systems, Jama masjid, Overground Power Grid, Perpetual Surveillance of Safety, Contemporary Infrastructural facilities, and Exquisite Residential Plan; Commercial Stroll, Movie theatres, Wildlife park, and Playgrounds.

Why invest in Hill Estate

Hills estate is an incredibly enticing investment opportunity due to its stunning terrain, peaceful surroundings, ongoing building, and excellent facilities. Park View City Islamabad is the handful of Authorized Communities that welcomes investment with their rapidly developing buildings. Therefore, now is a perfect opportunity to purchase in hills Estate to raise your living standard.

Park View City Hills Estate is an excellent site for industrial and residential activity. Parkview City recently staged a launch event for a business plaza. With the establishment of a commercial core with premium amenities, this society will become a renowned residential neighbourhood in the following months.


Hills Estate Block will significantly affect the growth and provide ideal living conditions for all shareholders and inhabitants. Again, numerous blocks with the most friendly and excellent residences are now ready. Similarly, this will soon become a part of a community, providing all investors with a perfect and tranquil living. And the prior plots’ position and price bracket already indicate that now the residential society provides the most for the money. The new Block’s specifications will follow its introduction. Furthermore, developers claim that the incredible thing will arrive soon with the best pricing spectrum and capabilities.


Q1: Where is Hill Estate?

A1: Hill Estate is the new Block in Park view city in the Capital of Pakistan, Islamabad.

Q2: Who is the developer of Hill Estate Park View City?

A2: The Hill Estate has owned by the firm Vision Group. Famous businessman Aleem khan is CEO of the firm.

Q3: What is the legal Status of the Hill Estate?

A3: The NOC of the Hill Estate Park View City has approved the CDA, a region’s local authority that regulates residential developments’ legal matters.