Capital Smart City is the first new housing development in Pakistan to approach the Smart City concept in the Country’s capital Islamabad. The foundation of the idea of a Capital Smart City is the collection, storage, and extraction of conclusions from verifiable facts. The scenery and innovative growth of the project will soon make it Pakistan’s most attractive corporate firm. This residential development aims to give the locals a green atmosphere. Living next to family members in this Society’s ideal environment has several advantages.

Capital Smart City Islamabad map will also provide inhabitants’ accommodation and commercial needs. After this Society launched in 2018, demand increased. The location of the residential project, the builder’s name, experience, and previous ventures are the two key considerations that Pakistani property owners and prospective inhabitants primarily consider when deciding to invest. In addition, Capital Smart City plots in instalments are the Smart concept initiated by the Society administration.

Capital Smart City Developers and Owners

This project seems to be a fantastic commercial prospect. Qualified architects and engineers worldwide have flocked to Pakistan to provide its residents with an excellent selection of luxuries.

Future Development Holding Limited

FDHL, among the leading real estate companies, is noted for its superior planning and scheduling when matched to other well-known developers. Moreover, FDHL seeks to modernize and integrate smart living within residents’ activities. Therefore, FDHL offers everyone top-notch service experience and extensive counselling while keeping a creative and extravagant way of life in mind while visiting. FDHL is a corporate that received its first registration as per corporate law. This firm has come into being by several small partnership businesses all over the Country and the globe..

Habib Rafiq (Pvt) Limited

HRL has a successful track record of achievement spanning over 60 years in the property investment building and construction industry. It ranks among Pakistan’s top building companies and the most significant infrastructure developer in the Country. Furthermore, HRL is renowned for building some of our Country’s most significant housing developments. This firm also received ISO 9000 certifications due to its exceptional administration. Additionally, HRL has been a pioneer in creativity in the growth of the accommodation sector for over fifteen years. As a result, the company is the best-recognized trademark in the real estate market.

Capital Smart City NOC

The RDA has legal responsibility over the Rawalpindi region, where Capital Smart City is situated. However, very few of them have benefited from RDA in terms of NOC. Furthermore, despite the widespread perception that RDA takes a long time to issue Society a NOC. However, the NOC of this residential venture has been granted fast. All of this shows the creator’s legitimacy and potential. Occasionally, the RDA webpage Capital Smart City NOC can say “under consideration.” Although it’s possible that the developers desire to extend the properties and should renew for a NOC, it does not means that the enterprise is unlawful or does not have a NOC. The RDA has legal responsibility over the Rawalpindi region, where this Society is situated. The RDA has approved the Capital Smart City NOC, which is fantastic news for investors and potential stakeholders. RDA then starts over with each of its evaluations before examining the NOC. The developers and property owners adhere to their regulatory obligations and request a fresh NOC whenever this Society grows or adds new blocks. Neither does it make the Society illegal or its prior NOC ineligible.

Capital Smart City Islamabad Location Map

The neighbourhoods of Islamabad and Rawalpindi are where the Capital Smart City has conveniently located. The area lies near the Thalian Junction on the motorway between ISB and LHR. It takes 5 minutes to drive from this residential Society to New Islamabad International Airport. The NHA and FWO have also been granted authorization for this Society to construct. This home development is near the planned Rawalpindi Central Expressway and the eventual China-Pakistan Economic Corridor route. Following the placement and concept of the Capital Smart City Islamabad map, The Society has situated on around six thousand Kanal landmass. The Chauhan Dam & Sill River are still in the residential building. The above is one of the handfuls of house projects in the neighbourhood that has access to water sources. Furthermore, the residential Society has perfectly positioned to offer easy accessibility from the twin cities’ main highways.

Capital Smart City Master Plan

The goal of this Society’s concept is to raise living standards. This approach will undoubtedly increase the condition of life for the inhabitants. Furthermore, the shrine and the luminaries have teamed up to give even better flexibility. Because of the clever strategies, the foundational and far-reaching revolutionary plan will be expanded, creating many more shared living settings for the residents. The designers of the Society also envisioned a work environment that would offer cutting-edge buyer enterprises and a contemporary, open common area.

The Capital Smart City Islamabad map has been designed to raise the living level. This oddity will surely help the Society’s master plan’s financial situation, which is now unplanned and will develop over time. The additional properties in this housing project will eventually house many more structures. In addition, the stakeholders’ excellent feedback is currently underway for Capital Smart City Islamabad map expansion. As a result, authorities put up a Capital Smart City master plan for territory extension in 2019, the month of August. As a result, this Society will have the most extensive housing Society in the area, with a territory of around 80,000 Kanal following additions.

Capital Smart City Islamabad Blocks

Numerous blocks in this residential complex contain a diverse range of a plot for sale Capital Smart City Islamabad. In addition, there are three divisions in this Society’s grand plan.

For the benefit of the occupants, the developers make sure that all sections should be present in every Block in the Society. Presently, the foundational elements of Society include the Residential Sector, Commercial Sector and Parks and Recreational Sector.

  • Executive Block
  • Overseas Block
  • Smart Villas
  • Hill Vista
  • Holiday Parks
  • Aviation Village
  • China Village
  • Harmony Park
  • Farm House
  • Crystal Lake
  • Financial Square
Capital Smart City Executive Block

The Capital Smart City Executive Block has constructed by the builders as a luxurious living environment with first-rate craftsmanship for the wider populace. With a convenient monthly payment schedule and a 10% minimum payment requirement, the Islamabad Capital Smart City Executive Block provides an acceptable payment arrangement. An equal quarter instalment has made, the entire amount. In addition, the first Block to advance to new blocks was the Capital Smart City Executive Block. In addition, the Capital Smart City Executive Block has residential and business buildings. The plot for sale Capital Smart City Islamabad plots for sale in this Block’s property sizes range from five, seven, and ten marlas to one-two Kanal lots.

Capital Smart City Islamabad Overseas Block

The Capital Smart City Islamabad Overseas Block seeks to provide Pakistanis who reside outside of Pakistan with social equality to speculate there. Future occupants of the oversea Block can take full advantage of the exceptional craft community and benefit from it. The expansion of clinics, academic institutions, and Masjid also refers to private assets and territories. Given their global luxuries and the fact that they frequently experience difficulties integrating into Society, this Block has been designed for Pakistanis living abroad. But they will find that each aspect of this Society is far superior to the comforts available abroad. The Capital Smart City Islamabad Overseas Block has intended to be a distinctive gated community with all public services. The Overseas Block is a high-security location for Pakistani corporate executives. As a unique and distinguished neighbourhood, The Capital Smart City Overseas Block has established itself inside the Society’s premises. The site of this Block represents the top of the Capital Smart City. Due to its altitude, The Overseas Block has the benefit of having the maximum elevation in the area. Therefore, the Capital Smart City Islamabad plots for sale in Overseas Block has expected to be one of Capital Smart City’s most opulent zones.

Smart Villas

A legitimately Smart concept from the developers of the Society is the Smart Villas. There are many luxurious mansions with gardens and swimming pools in the Smart Villas development. Modern villas now have innovative tools like luminaire systems, surveillance systems, device management, and building automation. In addition, Capital Smart City prices of Villas are very reasonable. In addition, the Villas was the first residential area to promote the concept of Smart dwellings to the nation. The upkeep of the residents’ homes will be high-tech, able to control every aspect of the property from a Smart device.

Additionally, Smart Villas incorporate cutting-edge technology to produce a significantly more stable atmosphere. Capital Smart City Islamabad plots for sale are many different villas, including 1, 2, 5, 7, 10, and 12 Marlas. However, the Capital Smart City plots on instalments are the scheme which does wonders for the customers.

Hill Vista

An exclusive section of Capital Smart City called The Hill Vista is home to several estates and estates in combination with farmland and golf grounds. Moreover, the Block now contains a golf course. In addition, the Capital Smart City Location Map of this Block have lots of motels and resorts nearby. A golf club is also available for anyone keen to join. Capital Smart City prices are feasible according to the Capital Smart City payment plan.

Holiday Park

Capital Inhabitants of Smart City don’t have to travel far to enjoy recreation. The Holiday Park features a theme park, a lovely bird park, a unique lovely garden, and a cuisine court where you can eat modern roadside fare near your house. The region will also have a vacation resort for tourists interested in Smart City, particularly for its enjoyment.

Aviation Village

Given the residential area’s proximity to Islamabad’s Airport Terminal, an Aviation Town has been made in the residential Society, taking cooperation to a new level. In addition, large stock network organizations, including cold capability facilities, show arcades, expert offices, and resorts, maybe the ideal venue to suit the collaboration and accommodation needs of the aircraft industry. Capital Smart City prices of Aviation Village are undoubtedly reasonable, and anyone can buy Capital Smart City plots in instalments

China Village

In China Village, there are houses on the market for various uses. A shopping district will also be a feature of this Block. In addition, the corporation plans to build multiple recreational facilities for the locals. However, the Capital Smart City payment plan for china village is comparatively meagre, as it has considered an industrial zone.

Harmony Park

Many people cannot buy their dream home or piece of land due to the enormous expense of the Capital Smart City project. As a result, Harmony Park Block has also been developed by Capital Smart City. As a result, everyone with a low salary can survive happily in this Society.

Most members of Society will probably be able to use all the features and requirements of this structure. The unit price is less than other blocks, though. This Block consists of modest neighbourhood housing complexes with around 3.5 Marla plots, together with 1- bedroom and 3-bedroom flats, which contain multiples of three and a half Marla and Five Marla. Moreover, the Capital smart city plots on instalments give relief to its customers. These rental properties provide fair, accommodating Capital Smart City payment plans that might run for as long as 3.5 years.

Farm House

These options are the most expensive in the Capital Smart City, but the sizes and bonuses make them worthwhile. The farmhouse block will include all the conveniences, such as proximity to facilities, motorways, etc., but won’t always have the typical turmoil of big cities. It will be adjacent to the International Airport of Islamabad. The management has built on farms and other farming lands to preserve the farmhouses’ original character. Capital Smart City payment plan for farmhouses will be going to update soon. Check the official website for more updates.

Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake stands out from neighbouring blocks thanks to its lodging and commercial centre. This project includes a hanging village, a fountain that spins, motels, cinema halls, and a shopping centre. However, the neighbourhood’s primary emphasis is lovely Crystal Lake, which features a variety of properties available for purchase on the site. In the Capital Smart City’s Crystal Lake neighbourhood, technological advancement and stunning architecture go hand in hand. This Smart City neighbourhood has an IT tower to improve settings and provide fresh concepts.

Financial Square

Although the main objective of The Financial Square is to promote hypothetical corporate initiatives in Smart City Islamabad, it also offers housing developments. The capabilities with display and conference lounges are perfect for collaborating situations in the workplace and cooperative industry designs. Additionally, tourists visiting on purpose can stay in accommodation built within the zone.

Rapid Development

The Smart City initiative is progressing swiftly. The largest corporations in the world have frequently come to arrangements to provide cutting-edge innovation and upmarket characteristics to Society. To confirm the highest possible level of satisfaction for the development, Movenpick will also construct the hotels and residences listed below. Additionally, National Defense University partners with the academic institution’s campus structure for this magnificent endeavour. Moreover, the first phase of the Smart City revitalization strategy has been accomplished. The improvement has been more abrupt in the months since the extension has initiated. The land has almost flattened and mapped thanks to modern equipment and innovative devices. Because there could be a typical course, golf lovers are pretty interested. They created cutting-edge construction, inventive construction, and land stabilization techniques to achieve the goal. Islamabad and Rawalpindi will have a genuinely contemporary society as a consequence. Four groundwater sources support the water system for Society. Additionally, 200 equipment pieces must have been recovered for the project.

Amenities offered in Capital Smart City

Several excellent amenities are available in this magnificent housing Society. The foremost is the provision of Basics. In addition, some of the Smart amenities as mentioned below.

High-Tech Housing

The lifestyle that Smart City promotes had referred to as “Smart Housing.” The augmentation provides cascading narratives for purchase and a wide variety of conveniences in the middle of a reliable and sustainable community. It accepts foreign and domestic investments equally. Approximately thirty thousand housing units provide housing for nearly two hundred thousand people. The high-tech housing has all things automated. Plot for sale Capital Smart City Islamabad allowing becoming the Smart resident

Commercial Hub

Considering the Smart Economic system, the residential project aims to promote various industrial and business hubs and provide over ninety thousand job openings. Additionally, contemporary designs and constructions have been developed strategically to give locals easy access to paved roadways and a transport modes network that always makes it easier for them to travel to Islamabad. The beautiful plot for sale Capital Smart City Islamabad in the commercial zone, so quickly block your property now.

Medical Facilities

The main objective of this residential project segment aims to improve the healthcare services provided to residents of the neighbourhood. It will include several health services, pharmacies, and scientific institutions to ensure that the general community receives crucial rehabilitation support.

Academic Facilities

This city offers educational institutions at every level, including schools, colleges, and major universities, guaranteeing inhabitants have many possibilities. In addition, there will be dorms for rehabilitative facilities within the building, and young parents will utilize the childcare services to ensure that qualified adults look after young children while they are away.

Secured Neighbourhood

Capital Smart City Islamabad raises the prominence of urban amenities through more than merely a solar energy complex and a power grid infrastructure. Additionally, it gives plants for drainage systems and consumable water-related scenarios. There is also a water system to protect the environment and a more substantial administrative setup for organizing rubbish appropriately. This project contains many of the best aspects in terms of protection.

Smart Facilities

The automated delivery of necessary services is one of the Smart Services. Another is Smart transport controls. Furthermore, there are no power interruptions, Surveillance that characterize and image recognition, computerized street lights, free Wi-Fi hotspot distributed across the property, an automatic air conditioning facility, and inhabitants have been given access to mobility scooters.


The residential venture of the design’s components is beautiful. It is a considerable investment that will unquestionably be successful. Habib Rafiq enjoys a solid reputation in the real estate industry. So you might own up to your plans to spend in fraud. In addition, the relevant authorities granted the Capital Smart City NOC. So you should guarantee your property as most have already been done. Reviews of the Smart City in Islamabad’s idea undoubtedly sound. It is an excellent housing venture to boost real estate to new heights.

Moreover, the Capital Smart City payment plan is a primary reason which distinguishes the Society from other housing development. The Capital Smart City Islamabad 5 marla plots prices are gaining popularity because of their affordability. In addition, there are beautiful plots for sale in Capital Smart City. So book your property now and become a member of Smart City.


Q 1:What is the premise of Capital Smart City?

A 1: The idea of an appropriate environment was introduced initially to Pakistan by the FDHL organization Capital Smart City. This Society controls its resources intelligently using data and technology.

Q 2: How much land does Capital Smart City master plan own?

A 2: The Capital Smart City has intended to build on more than 55,000 Kanals of land. However, extra land has indeed been bought to allow for expansion.

Q 3:Will the Rawalpindi Main Road take me to the Capital Smart City Islamabad map?

A 3: If people approach the Area from Chakri Highway, there will be a separate portion with the wording “Potential Circular Road Site” adjacent to the Capital Smart City gateway.

Q 4: What modern conveniences have offered in this Smart City?

A 4: The Capital Smart City is a self-sufficient residential development with many innovative and standout characteristics. Complimentary Wi-Fi, a BRT system, software for regulating devices, a surveillance system, pedestrians systems, and numerous additional features have been included in these facilities.

Q 5:Is the idea of this Capital Smart City payment plan workable for both long-short term budget plans?

A 5: It is a fantastic choice for investment in this residential venture. It didn’t seem to affect you negatively in many ways. So it’s an excellent option, especially since The Capital Smart Islamabad City 5 marla plot prices are affordable.