Park View City Islamabad Hills Estate is the most recent and intriguing Block. Furthermore, architects are eager to provide the most acceptable living conditions for all investors, and investors see this as attractive property prices. The best part is that the costs of the houses accessible here are also within the price bracket of all buyers, resulting in an ideal residence purchase for inhabitants of both the twin cities and surrounding areas. Furthermore, the amenities will boost investment growth due to the pleasures and more fabulous items at budget-friendly prices.

Park View Hills Estate will be a residential development with spectacular views of the lush green hills. We previously knew that Park View has situated in a green environment amid the Islamabad mountain peaks. However, park View Hills Estate had built closer to the hills. Park View City claims to offer landscapes for just any housing complex.

Developers and owners

The vision group are the builders who are breaking records by creating this residential society, the vision group’s owner, Aleem Khan. Moreover, they are well-known for creating suitable living environments for all stakeholders. But, most significantly, their team is skilled and knowledgeable about the location and the art of making fabulous living places. Finally, the neighbourhood is a significant contribution to the Hills Estate Block by the builders. And they plan to provide the finest dwellings at affordable prices.

Location and Map

Management has provided no formal assessments or mapping of the Block. However, we are confident that this Block and others will meet stakeholders’ expectations. Unfortunately, hills Estate’s opening date has yet to be announced by the Park View City Islamabad administration, despite its breathtaking views of Murree and Margala through your rooftop.

NOC Status

Park View City Islamabad is a lawful housing Society. In addition, this society is a CDA-approved housing project. Furthermore, legality is the fundamental prerequisite for all buyers who want to make a lengthy and profitable home investment. Moreover, the builders are passionate about the issue, which is why they have arrived with legal authority.

Master Plan of Hill Estate

This magnificent hill estate Block, like the Golf Estate, provides all the development, standardization, and upgraded conveniences. The Block has yet to acquire formal documentation or mapping, but managers and seniors to do so soon. Like the other blocks, Hills Estate has high expectations from investors. Hills Estate’s schedule has yet to be announced by Park View City. The Hill Estate Block has properties in the range of 5,10 Marlas, and 1 Kanal.

Payment Plans

The development possibilities are immense, and the properties have supplied at the most affordable prices. Hills Estate in Park View City has been the intelligent alternative for you if you wish to spend your money in a stable region that will provide a safe environment for your families. In addition, the financing plans are reasonable for the investors. The five marla prices start from 8,000,000 Pakistani Rupees. In addition, the ten marlas properties are about 15,000,000 PKR/-. The 1 Kanal plot ranges from 50,000,000 PKR/-


  • 05 MARLA
  • 10 MARLA
  • 01 KANAL

  • 8,000,000
  • 15,000,000
  • 50,000,000
    ( 25 % )”
  • 2,000,000
  • 3,750,000
  • 12,500,000
  • 6,000,000
  • 11,250,000
  • 37,500,000
  • 750,000
  • 1,406,250
  • 4,687,500
Features and amenities in Hill Estate

The highlands estate is located in Islamabad’s wonderlands, near Bahria Enclave and surrounded by the beautiful Margala Hills. The Park View City Hills estate is opposite the Gardens.

Beautiful surrounding

Despite its proximity to Islamabad City and simplicity of access to the twin cities’ leading site, the residential development did not miss the chance to capture the natural beauty. The Bani Gala slopes and hills add another bonus to the housing society. The tranquillity of the magnificent surroundings outside the city centre is ideal for building your dream home.

Commercial hub

The presence of a company at the entrance suggests that the property will likely receive more significant visitor numbers due to its proximity to surrounding neighbourhoods, such as Bahria Enclave and the Park Enclave, in this example. These industrial districts attract property investors who want to invest in landmark developments and shopping centres.

Provision of Basics

Gated neighbourhood, 24/7 Power generation, supply of Gas and Water supply and storage, Gym & Civic Center, Healthcare facilities, School systems, Jama masjid, Overground Power Grid, Perpetual Surveillance of Safety, Contemporary Infrastructural facilities, and Exquisite Residential Plan; Commercial Stroll, Movie theatres, Wildlife park, and Playgrounds.

Why invest in Hill Estate

Hills estate is an incredibly enticing investment opportunity due to its stunning terrain, peaceful surroundings, ongoing building, and excellent facilities. Park View City Islamabad is the handful of Authorized Communities that welcomes investment with their rapidly developing buildings. Therefore, now is a perfect opportunity to purchase in hills Estate to raise your living standard.

Park View City Hills Estate is an excellent site for industrial and residential activity. Parkview City recently staged a launch event for a business plaza. With the establishment of a commercial core with premium amenities, this society will become a renowned residential neighbourhood in the following months.


Hills Estate Block will significantly affect the growth and provide ideal living conditions for all shareholders and inhabitants. Again, numerous blocks with the most friendly and excellent residences are now ready. Similarly, this will soon become a part of a community, providing all investors with a perfect and tranquil living. And the prior plots’ position and price bracket already indicate that now the residential society provides the most for the money. The new Block’s specifications will follow its introduction. Furthermore, developers claim that the incredible thing will arrive soon with the best pricing spectrum and capabilities.


Q1: Where is Hill Estate?

A1: Hill Estate is the new Block in Park view city in the Capital of Pakistan, Islamabad.

Q2: Who is the developer of Hill Estate Park View City?

A2: The Hill Estate has owned by the firm Vision Group. Famous businessman Aleem khan is CEO of the firm.

Q3: What is the legal Status of the Hill Estate?

A3: The NOC of the Hill Estate Park View City has approved the CDA, a region’s local authority that regulates residential developments’ legal matters.