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Parkview City Islamabad

Park view city Islamabad is the most acknowledged and most trusted commissioned housing society, located right in the center of Islamabad. The exact park view city Islamabad location is around premium zone IV. It is surrounded by attractive viewpoints and the landscape of Margala Hills. This housing project is authorized and accepted by the capital development authority of Pakistan. It is also known as the only society in the surrounding residential areas that have been granted a legal certificate from CDA. This society surrounds the Islamabad botanical gardens, and it is also connected by multiple access points that complement and enhance the ease of Accessibility.


The vision group of Pakistan is the developer and founder of this society. They have an extensive and acknowledged portfolio in the real estate projects and developments across Pakistan in the major cities, including Karachi and Lahore. This project’s signature apartments are mainly located in Karachi, Lahore, and DHA, along with several other astonishing and acknowledging projects.

The park view housing society Islamabad is owned by the vision group established back in 2012, and within minimal time, this group has now become one of the most trusted brands in terms of the property sector across Pakistan. It has created several opportunities for fascination and updated living experience. 

The senior politician and one of the most famous philanthropists in Pakistan, Mr. Abdul Aleem Khan, are also the co-founder of this society. There are several desirable factors about this society, including its premium location, modern development and infrastructure. This society is supported by both the local and foreign investors who have shown their interest in this leading housing society’s project. The main reason for the investment and attraction in this society is its scenic views. The market price increases every year exponentially due to people’s rapid demand and interest in this housing society. 

Aim of the developers of Park view city Islamabad 

The main aim of the vision group is to enhance the living experience. It mainly focuses to create a lavish living by constructing and developing modern buildings along with up to the mark urban town planning in various cities of Pakistan. Some of the projects which have been developed by the vision group are listed below: 

  • The major project is known as Park view city Islamabad which is under development, but some of the sectors of this project are developed and available for sale.  
  • The same project is located near the road of Karachi, also known as PI.I.Chundrigar road. It has been completed in several sectors. 
  • The corporate center near Mall Road Lahore is also known as its most acknowledged and trusted project. 
  • The vision group has supported several foundations, including the Abdul Aleem foundation and schools.

Location and map of Park view city 

Location is always considered as the prime factor whenever investors look into real estate investment projects. The importance of place is still top prioritized while starting a housing society. It is a crucial factor. Most of the experienced and professional investors in real estate prioritize the location right on the top of the list while looking to grab property. The area of park view housing society Islamabad is an icon. Several other housing societies also surrounds this housing project, but these societies generally do not have the luxury of premium location. Its Accessibility from three significant roads having Islamabad zoo and scenic views in the background is the primary reason for its popularity. The Park view city of Islamabad is located around the beautifully developed Enclaves of Bahria and is also close to CDA park Enclave. The housing society is specially designed and constructed in such a way so that it can have easy and direct access to most of the critical link roads, which includes Kashmir highway along with Islamabad highway as well. The other side of this housing society also has an access road that connects directly to Islamabad’s Botanical gardens.  

The Malot road is directly connected with this housing society. Thus, the primary link roads connected to this society enable its residents to directly access several link roads within a few minutes of drive. The Simply Dam road provides a link road that can be accessed with Malot Road. 

The map of this housing society gives complete information about the detailed development plan of both the residential plots and the commercial plots, including the prime locations within the society. The most significant advantage is the roads’ width, which is about 100 feet. The CDA also has approved the request of increasing some of link roads to almost 200 feet. The wide streets will be a convenient factor to its residents. The park view city Islamabad location provides accessibility and convenience for its residents. Thus, the overall impression of the location and Maps of this housing society offers a luxurious experience of living for the visitors and its residents. 

Installment and payment plan of Park View City  

The total area of this housing project is about 1200 Kanal, which has been granted by higher authorities. The CDA also have given the approval for using most of the land for society’s infrastructure and has complete freedom to develop commercial areas within the legal boundaries. The increasing demand, mainly due to their community’s development and attractive features, has led to a further extension in the future. It is also expected that the total area of this land will be divided into multiple sectors, including the residential and commercial sectors. The sectors will be further divided into subsectors and the division of these sectors will be named blogs having further distribution in terms of plot sizes. 

The plot sizes available in this housing society start from 5 Marla to almost 2 Kanal having different sizes of plots available in all the blocks of this housing society, including the A block and K block. The properties in 2 Kanal are generally available in D and P blocks. According to the master plan of this housing society, all the residential and commercial blocks will face exponential and rapid development, having plots available not just in the A&B block but also in the C&D block. This housing project’s sector is developed along with some other blocks where the place is completely equipped and is processed with all the legal formalities.

The payment procedure for the possession of plots in Islamabad is effortless, and one can easily book a property with the facility of 25% down payment only. It is the perfect time to make the right choice by booking the best possible option in this housing society to maximize this opportunity. Park view city payment plan has been specially designed so that the investors and interested future homeowners feel comfortable looking for options in multiple sectors. Most of the payment procedure starts with the yearly payment, which also has the feasibility of about 20 to 30% of down payment to have easy monthly and quarterly installments. The Park view city payment plan is available online for all sizes of plots in commercial properties. This society has all the features for temptation if you are looking to book a plot in Islamabad.

The booking process of park View City 

The booking procedure in this housing society is effortless, and the most common plots which are available for sale listed below: 

  • The 5 Marla plots are generally available in several blocks, along with 8 Marla plots as well. 
  • The 10 Marla plots are also available in A block. 
  • The people interested in larger properties can look to other blocks offering plots of 1 Kanal and 2 Kanal. 

A legal procedure has to be followed to book a plot in Islamabad. The complete process of booking a plot in this housing society is given below:  

  • First of all, it is crucial to meet with the assistant manager to invest in this real estate housing project. 
  • Once you are delighted and done with your deal or deals with the assistant manager, he will provide you a form, which is known as a booking form, to book a plot in this housing society. 
  • After filling the form, you have to provide a photocopy of your CNIC and some of the other information. The two passport-sized photographs are also required, which should be attached to the front of this form.  
  • The final procedure of booking is the attachment of a payment order. It is also known as a demand draft, which you will get after paying the down payment to the park view city Islamabad owners. The assistant manager will guide you through the whole process of payment and some of the other legal formalities.Amenities of Park View city Islamabad
  • Hilly areas surround this housing project’s beautiful location, and scenic views are the reason of its popularity. The greenery in this housing project is very much attractive. It is a fresh air source where one can enjoy a peaceful environment. The beautiful views of sunset also enhance the natural beauty around its buildings. 
  • The vision group’s housing project is the most significant advantage in its duly approved status from CDA. Its approval is considered as the most considerable advantage of its popularity among all the other housing societies which are endangered due to legal barriers. One can easily buy plots in this housing project to be secured for the future.   
  • The security mechanism is fully equipped with modern technology, and the best security system is used for the general areas of its buildings and the commercial regions. The overall security development is complemented by the video surveillance facility, which has been made possible with the help of cameras installed across several places to ensure and meet the security needs of not just the residents but also the visitors. 
  • The electricity system is entirely underground. There is no need to worry about load shedding or the shortage of power, which can be considered a significant threat to any real estate business. It has an entirely underground electricity system supported by backup generators to keep the power 24/7.  
  • The park view housing society Islamabad also has wide roads and about 200 feet long boulevard, which is considered as one of the most iconic and one of the largest across all the housing societies in Pakistan, having greenery on both sides.
  • It also has high-class educational institutes to provide high-quality education to the residents of this society. The management and the developers are in direct contact with several large-scale institutions to launch the best possible education within the region of this housing society. 

Main Features 

Park view city Islamabad is known as one of the most impeccable housing society having several competitive facilities and features. Each sector is critically designed to have a unique perspective and functionality to provide the best possible residential living experience. Some of the main features of this housing society are listed below: 

  • It has several luxury entertainments options, such as cinemas, completely equipped with the modern technology of IMAX and 3D cinematic experience.  
  • The commercial zones will offer all the necessities according to the requirements of their residents. Most of the famous and acknowledged brands are looking to open their outlets in commercial zone where one can easily enjoy ultimate and unforgettable shopping experience. 
  • It has zoos and parks for fun activities along with several other options included for the future. If you are looking to buy plot in Islamabad then it is the right choice for you. It has all the perfect elements for enjoyment, especially for the children and young ones. 
  • The facility of club and community centers is also available in this society. It will allow the residents to enjoy not just the indoor but also the outdoor sports, including bowling and swimming pools. If someone is looking for a tennis and golf course under one roof, then this housing society is perfect for them because it will offer all the options for outdoor sport, including the facility of cricket and football grounds. 
  • The medical facilities are available 24/7. To have the best possible medical facilities, this housing project has designed high class hospitals to facilitate all the health-related issues with the help of modern-day equipment and the professional doctors having the latest technology in the hospitals. 
  • The educational institutions are also incorporated by collaborating with the best educational institutes across Pakistan, offering a high-quality curriculum. All the educational institutes will be easily accessible within a minimum distance. The vision group, which is the developer of this housing project, is looking to develop the latest National School branch, which will be functional under the foundation of Abdul Aleem Khan. 
  • For religious values, magnificent and significant mosques will also be part of this tremendous and tempting housing scheme. The mosques will be available in every sector to easily access them within a minimum distance. 
  • The best thing about this Park view housing society Islamabad is its gated community, which is entirely secure, having a complete boundary around its walls covering its sides. Most of the societies located in the neighborhood of Park view are not thoroughly covered. Still, this housing society is completely covered and secured in terms of security point of view. 
  • The availability of electricity in Park view city Islamabad is 24/7, which will be complemented and powered by backup power. Gas and water will also be available 24/7 in all parts of this society. It is measurably equipped with all the necessary natural resources, so there is no need to worry about its properties’ market value in the future. The Gumrah river is passing close to its regions. Because of that, the availability of water is just under 50 feet of the ground. Each house’s complete plan is based on the underground built water, which will provide enough water to be supplied to every single place in this society. In the future, society also planned to build dams to collect and use water in case of emergency.  
  • The construction work on water dam has already been started, which will make this Park view housing society Islamabad a load-shedding free zone. The electric power plant will be operational soon to provide and ensure the electricity needs in society. 
  • The supply of electricity is entirely underground, and all the electric wires are specially planned to have control with confidential setup. Most of all, underground wiring setup is much safer and secure. It also offers an extremely aesthetic and pleasing experience for the residents of society.  
  • Society is completely secure because of its 24/7 surveillance to ensure the best possible security measures. The CCTV cameras are installed around the crucial areas of this society, and that is the reason for its secure environment where one can feel utterly safe about their lives and properties.  
  • The society has taken complete advantage of its natural resources, including lush green scenic views of Islamabad. It also promises to have one of the best landmarks for the buildings’ infrastructure and development, having a complete housing plan. 
  • The best craftsmanship complements the building plans and majestic developments. That is why it will be considered one of the landmark housing society for modern civilization across Pakistan. 
  • The society will also offer the facility of apartments where one can easily enjoy an upscale modern life. These apartments will be luxurious and will be equipped with all the necessary features and facilities, including the fitness center and sports complex. 

Botanical Garden

A Botanical Garden is one of the significant reasons for its superiority among all the other housing societies in the same region. It enhances and complements the overall natural beauty of this housing project, along with the fertility of its soil. The value of the plot in Islamabad is mainly determined by its location and natural beauty around the surroundings. The availability of a Botanical Garden in this society has all the ingredients to increase its property value.

The greenhouse will also help with green trees and plants, and garden herbs across the globe. There will be several nurseries and greenhouses that will be specially designed to provide the tropical plants and Flowers across every sector of this society. It is also expected that there will be an organic food market that will offer high-quality organic fruits and vegetables to comply and provide options to its residents for a healthy lifestyle. 

Free Consultation

Most real estate investors are looking to invest in housing projects and if are also looking to secure a plot in Islamabad for future investment then one of the significant issues you might face is about the guidance and consultation for right choice. It becomes tough to find the secure investment that can shield better results and outcomes in the long run. This housing Society of Islamabad is a handful of housing societies because there is proper and legal certification from CDA authorities of the town planning and the infrastructural development. The authority letter from CDA is known as a freedom of action, which is the surety for all the investors that this housing society is utterly secure by the government organizations’ legal procedures. The safe investment in this project will yield exponential growth and the market value of plots. 

The park view city Islamabad location and overall infrastructure development are also known as one of the most attractive features for all real estate investors, who are looking to invest in housing projects in Pakistan. This project is fully equipped with all the best possible potentials which can provide future returns on investment. The price partner of this housing project deal with deals has the authority to facilitate the clients not just in terms of booking but also in terms of multiple other issues like link and resale value. They will assure proper guidance in terms of consultation for future investment. 

Park view city Islamabad– Latest Development

The management and higher authorities for the society are aiming to speed up the process of development to meet the time frame which has been proposed by the investors. Most of the development procedure in both block A and block B has almost been completed. The surrounding areas are also under the process of development.

A plant for water treatment will be set up soon in blocks and to ensure the supply of water to all the residents. The water produced by this plant will be filtered and recycled to supply water for all the blocks with the help of the treatment plant.  

The entrance is completely developed with the help of a majestic gate along with greenery on the pathways. The land is rich in this Park view housing society Islamabad in terms of its organic values. That is the reason for its green natural sceneries across all the sectors and blocks. The leveling and plotting procedure is also completed in the remaining blocks. 

After so many enhancements and developments, society is looking in excellent shape. The gate’s elegant entrance complements it—the construction work on the roads, which is also expected to be completed within a few months. The link roads are also looking in a better shape after construction, which is authorized by CDA. 

Pros of Park view city Islamabad

  • The park view city Islamabad location is the most significant advantage of buying a property in this housing project. It is extremely tempting and attractive to its residents. 
  • There is no need to worry about any legal procedure because the society is completely authorized and has all the traditional values that have been accepted and approved by CDA having proper NOC by the government of Pakistan. 
  • All the basic features and facilities are available that are very easily accessible for all these sectors and blocks of this society. 
  • It has a very peaceful environment which is entirely free from pollution and has greenery everywhere. 
  • It offers a healthy return on investment because of the fast development across several sectors of this society. 
  • It has all the natural resources necessary for life, and most of all, the traces of water are present just 50 feet under the water. 
  • The Park view city Islamabad is entirely free from load shedding along with the facility of 24/7 gas and water

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