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Parkview City Islamabad

Park View City Islamabad


Park view city Islamabad and its location are available via Kurri Avenue and Banigala. Because of its striking landscapes and incredible conveniences, this residential venture has gained much attention from stakeholders.

Owners and Developers

The Vision Group supplied the technology that has revolutionized Park View City Islamabad. Furthermore, Mr Aleem Khan owns Vision Group, and this project has expanded to become Islamabad’s most sought-after residential venture. Vision Group was created in 2012 and has experienced unprecedented success in less than a few years. Additionally, this is Vision Group’s first development in Islamabad. Furthermore, Vision Group has quickly established itself as the neighbourhood’s leading dependable and reputable development firm. Luckily, Vision Group’s goal is to build beautiful living spaces all across the world’s major cities. Furthermore, the organization’s projects are inexpensive and provide a glimpse into the future of housing communities.

Location and Map

When it occurs to making effective real estate assets, location is everything. Park View  Islamabad is also featured on the map at Zone IV Malot road amid the beautiful green Bani Gala Hills. Furthermore, Park View City Location and Map have located beside Park Enclave and adjacent Bahria Enclave Islamabad, 5 minutes journey from the park road, 15 minutes drive near Islamabad Serena Hotel and 1 min walk from the beautiful green Botanical Garden. There are multiple beautiful plots for sale in Park view city Islamabad.

As a result, it is an ideal position in Islamabad, with lovely and serene surroundings and extremely convenient road access. Furthermore, the future worth of the site is substantial due to the current building. As a result, it’s an excellent and golden prospect for purchasers to buy. Moreover, all daily life and advanced facilities are close; nonetheless, it is a tranquil location. As a result, this civilization is a model of luxury and tranquillity.

Furthermore, the Society is attractive to Society’s norms because it has spread across 7000 Kanal of land with many commercial and residential blocks. Moreover, the CDA has approved a 200-foot-wide road on Malott Road, with easy accessibility from Kurri Road, to make space for the development. Therefore, the park view city Islamabad prices for every Block are flexible now.

Park View City NOC

Park View City has received NOC consent from Capital Development Authority Islamabad. Additionally, this residential venture has 200-foot direct access from Kuri Road. As a result, investors will have no legal complications and can purchase their intended home effortlessly.

All the residential venture work has done lawfully, and the builders followed CDA legal rules across the building phase. As a result, there are plots for sale in Park view city Islamabad which are beautiful designs.

Additionally, inhabitants and investors will gain and feel comfortable. Also, there will never be any concerns with the project’s legal status. Anyone can verify Park View City NOC’s comprehensive details by accessing the official website of the Capital Development Authority.

Park View City Payments Plans

Park view Islamabad is an excellent option for anyone looking for a property plot in a prime place. Moreover, the builders built this residential venture to suit the high-end customers’ needs.

Furthermore, 5 Marla plots have been available for a two-and-a-half-year monthly payment. All the payment plans for this residential venture has made considering the customers’ needs. The Park View City Islamabad  Payment Plan are flexible and comparatively less expensive than the surrounding Societies. The Park View City prices are low following the facilities and extravagant life standard provided by the Society. Park view city Islamabad plot prices are critical to the residential venture’s success.

Park View City Master plan

Park View City provides extraordinary and abundant nature surrounding both residential and business plots for sale. Furthermore, this CDA-approved Park view city NOC spans 7000 Kanal. Similarly, it has detached into several blocks ranging between A and H. Again. Therefore, different plot sizes are accessible at different, competitive, and affordable prices. Furthermore, our various apartments and plots guarantee a good living standard, and the Park View City Islamabad price list is the focal point for its customers.

The management kept modern infrastructure and sophisticated development ideas in mind. Similarly, the developers decided on a perfect position for Park View City Islamabad. The best designers, constructors, and builders turned a fantastic view into a gorgeous reality in an outstanding manner. Similarly, multiple blocks with essential and superior services are conveniently accessible near every residential building. Furthermore, The Way has focused on being a first-rate business district. Therefore, the Park View City residential plots will be the most beautiful accommodation for potential buyers, and the Park view city commercial plots are ample business opportunities. 

Blocks of Park View City Islamabad

Nevertheless, a comfortable and extravagant lifestyle is targeted, with many amenities enabling you to live in your dream house. Furthermore, this secured neighbourhood has included educational, recreational, and other facilities for your convenience. Again, a simple instalment plan with promising future effects. Park View City Islamabad has split into the following blocks

Block A and B

These are the most constructed blocks in Park View City Islamabad, with houses ready for occupancy. Furthermore, it is close to Gate 2 and offers entree to all of the Society’s utilities. Park view city Islamabad plots for sale blocks A& B sale are 5, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal. Furthermore, Park view city Islamabad payment plans for these blocks are highly affordable. The Park View City residential plots of these blocks will be gorgeous housing, and the Park view city commercial plots are grand business openings. 

Block C “Terrace Block”

Park View City’s Terrace Block has sited in C Block. The Block is composed of low-cost housing units of the size 10 MarlaFurthermore. The Block includes a Terrace Apartment that represents the epitome of grandeur and elegance.  In addition, the Block is operational with all the essential uses and modernization. Park view city Islamabad plots for sale in this Block are out class.

Terrace Apartments are classified as follows:

  • Apartments with a studio/one bedroom
  • 2-bedroom Apartments
  • Apartments featuring three bedrooms


Block F

F block has the advantage of being in an exceptional location with a breathtaking natural outlook. Furthermore, it has surrounded by lush greenery. Park view city Islamabad plots for sale on this Block offer 5, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal residential plots. Moreover, you can purchase your selected Block with a 25% deposit and a 1-year payment plan. Therefore, park view city Islamabad payment plans for this Block are affordable.

Block H

H block of Park views city Islamabad plots for sale offer 5, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal plots at highly reasonable prices. Furthermore, the H block has inextricably linked to the J block, where growth is accelerating. As a result, it offers a secure and great future ahead. Park view city Islamabad payment plans for this Block are supple.

Block J

J block has a fantastic location view, easily accessible facilities, and excellent investment potential. In addition, Park view city Islamabad plots for sale in this Block are 5, 8, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal for fantastic residential and investment options. These plots are also obtainable with just a 2-year simple instalment plan. The Park View City Master Plan for this Block is out-class.

Block K

Park View City Islamabad’s plots for sale, 3.5 Marla plots in Block K. Park View City is presently offering a 2 years financing plan for properties. Therefore, Park View City Islamabad Payment Plans for this Block are stretchy. The Park View City Master Plan for this Block is according to global standards.

The Walk Commercial-Downtown

The housing scheme’s Walk Commercial-Downtown is the middle of all business processes inside the housing venture. Aside from shopping centres, there are various sized industrial lands. Additionally, Park View City Islamabad commercial plot in this Block is up to 6-8 marlas with 1 Kanal walk

Park view city Islamabad Overseas Block

It is among the most essential freshly added Block is Park City View Islamabad’s oversea Block. Furthermore, the developers included this Block in the project to suit international clients’ needs. Investors can also reserve Park view city Islamabad plots for sale five, ten Marlas, and one Kanal plots. Furthermore, the Park view city Islamabad Overseas Block is on Gate 1 of Park View Islamabad. Moreover, residents of a park view city Islamabad oversea block have significant commercial and economic prospects for overseas Pakistanis. Park view city Islamabad payment plans for this Block are according to the future inhabitants’ needs. The Park View City Master Plan for this Block is beautiful. The Park view city commercial plots are full of commercial opportunities.

Park View City Golf Estate block

Park View City  Islamabad has a new block, Park View City Golf Estate block, which is an exciting development. The  Park View City  Golf Estate block has envisioned delivering a quality life enclosed by the rejuvenating serenity of the Hills. The Park view city Golf Estate block is a great place to escape the city and appreciate the breathtaking scenery. The Golf Estate in Park View City map is undoubtedly a golfer’s paradise. Park view city Islamabad plots for sale in this Block are available, so don’t miss your chance and buy beautiful properties for yourselves now. Park view city Islamabad payment plans for this Block elastically focus on customer demands. The Park View City Master Plan for this Block is magnificent. The Park view city commercial plots on this Block has ample business chances.

Park view city Hill Estate

The residential project is planning to debut its much-anticipated Park View city Hills Estate. The park view city Hills Estate Block. This peaceful neighbourhood has beautiful scenery, giving a privileged life with all innovative features. Park View  City map of  Hills Estate block will be a housing property with a fantastic set of green rolling hills.   In addition, the   Park View City Islamabad location and map are in a green environment nearby the Islamabad hills and mountains. Park View Hills Estate has constructed closer to the mountains. Park View City asserts that it provides beautiful vistas for any condominium property.

Park View City Islamabad Hill Estate payment plans

Park view city plots in this Block range from 5-10 Marlas with easy instalment plans. Park view city Islamabad payment plans for this Block are on easy instalments. However, the Park View City Master Plan for this Block is extravagant. 

Development Progress

The project’s structure is nearing completion, and booking has begun in all blocks. Furthermore, booking for Block J, K, and the foreign Block has recently opened. This project also includes a perimeter wall, a comprehensive road network, and the provision of all necessary utilities. In addition, about 80% of the construction in Blocks A and B has finished. Furthermore, the remaining Block is coming close and will ensure prompt delivery to investors.

The majestic gate and the road directing the road to the appealing Society have made the Society’s principal entrance. Moreover, because the land in this Society is inherently wealthy and rural, with a natural bounty of green scenery, levelling and mapping the land does not necessitate significant changes.

The Society appears to be in much better form after the work on Park View’s main entrance gate has been completed, and building on the significant 200-foot highway has begun and has finished in a few months.

Furthermore, the development is proceeding at a quick pace. Concurrently, the development of institutions, mosques, commercial places, parks, and playgrounds has begun, as has the installation of municipal systems and gas lines beneath the ground.

Why invest in Park View City Islamabad

Park View City is a flawless residential society with unrivalled amenities and an excellent vision. Each Society building is designed with a distinct view and purpose to offer its people an exhilarating way of life. Furthermore,  this venture has fully legitimized documentation. The payments are flexible for its customers. The Park view city map has ideally positioned for the people of the twin cities.

Amenities in Park View City Islamabad

Aside from its stunning setting, the Society will meet the requirements of every member of Society. The Society’s plan will contain the following amenities.

Basic utilities

Park View Islamabad prioritizes essential services such as power, water, and gas. Furthermore, the residential project will give it continuously during the project. Moreover, Park View City is distinctive from other comparable civilizations in the region since it has endowed with environmental assets such as underground aquifers and the Gumrah river.

No load shedding region

In addition, to eliminate load shedding in Society, the water dam building will incorporate a power transmission plant to assure continuous power supply.

Secured Neighbourhood

Furthermore, Park View City is a completely secured and safe neighbourhood enclosed by a perimeter wall that runs the length of the property. Moreover, it is gorgeous, well-equipped, and secure enough for people to live in a family-friendly atmosphere. Therefore, the safety of its citizens is taken very seriously by Society. Furthermore, it is critical that their inhabitants feel secure and at ease. Consequently, they ensure that a large group of Surveillance cameras has deployed throughout Society. Mainly to maintain the global security standards to offer overseas Pakistani security, specifically in the Park view city Islamabad oversea block.

Healthcare facilities

In the heart of Society, a massive world-class healthcare centre will help with health difficulties. Likewise, the hospital will offer cutting-edge equipment and techniques for resident assistance.

Educational facilities

The best academic institution will indeed be incorporated. Furthermore, it will provide the most fabulous curriculum within a reasonable distance of the resident for them to profit from this opportunity.

Botanical Garden

A Botanical Garden of Park View Islamabad is the distinct vision. The Society will have greenhouses and greenhouses to produce and cultivate magnificent tropical flora and flowers. Moreover, a nutritious food store will be open in the Society and provide nourishing foods for the inhabitants.


The Society’s outline is perplexing, and Park View will be one of Islamabad’s most outstanding ventures after its successful execution. Furthermore, Park View appears to be a traditional speculating potential for speculators and those seeking to acquire a property. Finally, according to the Society overview, park View would be one of Islamabad’s most exemplary social structures following its fruitful execution. All things aside, Park View appears to be an excellent investment prospect for investors and residents. The Park view Islamabad price list is still in the approach of the potential buyers as once the Society fully develops, its prices will shoot rapidly.

F & Q

Q1: Where is Park View City’s location?

A1: Park View City has conveniently positioned nearby Bahria enclave Islamabad.

Q2: What are the sizes of Park View City residential plots?

A2: Park View City residential plots are available in various Block ranges from 5,8, and 10 marlas and most blocks have 1-2 kanals.

Q3: What are the various ranges of Park View City commercial plots?

A3: What are the sizes of Park View City commercial plots ranging from 6-8 Marlas.

Q4: Is there any instalment plan in this housing venture?

A4: Yes, for the ease of its customers, the Society allows a two years easy payments plan.

Q5: Is Park View City Islamabad a lawful society?

A5: Park view city is a legitimate residential project with NOC and a development permit obtained from CDA.

Q6: What services will Society offer?

A6: The housing project will give its inhabitants all fundamental and contemporary amenities such as water, gas, power, safety, healthcare, education, market zones, gyms and sports centres, gardens, theatres, and more.

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